Re: What do you hope to achieve in 2016?

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Justin - what is keeping you off the air? Something we can help you with?


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I just want to get some help getting back on the air!!

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The only thing I’d like to pass on for 2016, is to empathize my promotion of broad mindedness to anyone that can see my views.


Then, I have a 3 el Mosely tribander that covers 12m-17m and 30m. I’d like to get it up on my tower. It’ll be a few years until I can take advantage of the 12m and 17m potions, but I am so looking forward to 3 elements on 30m.





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My goal for 2016 is to work P5 and Juan de Nova to finish  #1 Honor Role. In between do lots more PSK. That should leave most of 2016 for PSK and rag chewing and maybe some antenna work.



Darl  NA8W 

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