Rumble teams status


Ok guys, here is the current Rumble teams status according to Ernie's
website. There are openings yet on 3 teams and I understand there may be
another one yet in the making even as we speak. So if you have a desire to go
the team route for the Fall Rumble, now is your chance to get onboard with a
fine (but sure to lose against the 070 Alpha Team) group of pskers! de Jay

070 Alpha Team - gaffer N3DQU, filled
Red Fred el al - gaffer NY2U, filled
Top Dogs - gaffer N3XC, needs 1,
Team Bravo - gaffer AA8QQ, needs 1,
070 Busters - gaffer KB2UUC, filled
FARTS- gaffer K8IJ, needs 3,

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