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Thanks Mike - Perfect!

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> Can someone tell
> me how to set up and "auto cq" using FLDIGI? .... I googled
> and couldn't
> find anything.

Hi Bob,

I looked a little more into the macro tag and the
bottom of page 132 of the FLDigi manual gives a better

" The and macro tags should have the NN
replaced with the time interval in seconds.
CQ CQ de k
• will enable the PTT
• cause 5 seconds of idle signal
• send the CQ CQ de W1HKJ W1HKJ k
• disable PTT
• and count down 20seconds before repeating the macro
• after sending the text the count down timer button (upper right hand corner of main dialog) will display the
current timer value in seconds. Press this button to disable the timer.
Generated on Thu Nov 19 2015 05:48:40 for FLDIGI Users Manual by Doxygen

4.1Macros 133
• the timer be disabled if the Escape key is pressed, the T/R is pressed, and macro key is pressed, or if a
callsign is copied from the Rx text area to the callsign logbook entry.
• the time will be disabled if any mouse activity occurs in the waterfall control."

Mike kc9doa #1040

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