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John Etling

I personally do not use a “brag” macro unless the other party throws theirs in. I really am not all that interested as a lot of “brag” files take more time to send than the rest of the QSO combined. BUT, to specifically answer the question: Radio, Antenna and power output. That’s it.

… I’m just sayin’


73 de K3JAE

John Etling


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Hello all...... it's been quite awhile since I was active on PSK.   In the past I would call it "dabbling" even though I am a PODXS member.  I plan to change all that and get active.


I wanna play in the 24x7 and currently at 42, so I have a ways to go.


Sooo... using FLDIGI and setting up macros again.   In the past I would have what I consider a "Brag" that was way too wordy.... just curious what active members have in their's?


Was just on 30m for awhile calling CQ and no replies.   Can someone tell me how to set up and "auto cq" using FLDIGI?  .... I googled and couldn't find anything.


Also, if anyone has suggestions on what freq on 30m they usually call on.  I think getting activity on the WARC bands is a good idea.


73, and hope to CU on the waterfall!


Bob KW3F

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