Re: Getting active again

Jerry N9AVY

Hi Bob !

Welcome back !

I echo Rick's comments.  Don't send "brag" macro unless other station sends one first.  Like to keep things short and usually don't "rag chew" unless other station initiates it.   QSL info always goes last, but if not it's always current on

Jerry  N9AVY  #454

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Hey Bob-

Glad to hear you are getting active again!  I can't help with the Flidgi and I'm certainly not an expert on what should be in a "brag".  But here is what I limit myself to:
Year first licensed
I try to keep it short and I only send it if someone sends me their station setup or they ask.  If they want more info than that, they'll ask and I'm glad to give them additional detail.

Also, I never send a "brag" as part of the initial exchange/report and I save the info about qsl-ing until my sign-off.

That's hpw I do it...others have their own way and that's good too.  Hope that helps and hope to work you in the PSKFest Jan 2!

Rick - N7WE - #1602

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