Re: OT Kenwood vs Yaesu

Brian (N2MLP)

A lot of yaesu radio meet mil spec.



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your input appreciated.


I am asked with recommending a dual band mobile radio for our Medford CERT van. I provided the Emergency manager with brochures for the Yaesu 8800 and the Kenwood V71A. I also opined that I felt the Yaesu was a better QUALITY radio (maybe I should have kept my mouth shut !!)


So, the EM comes back with this brilliant question: "

Ted, can you or anyone you know quantify the quality difference between the two?  Is the Kenwood 95% as good as the Yaesu?  Half as good? "


Does anyone have any empirical data or info that suggests that one brand is 'better quality' than the other? Frequency of repair?


thank you for any input


73 and Merry Christmas



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