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Bill Garwood

The three selected for 2016 should be not too difficult from the eastern US.  Colombia and Cuba in a couple of months..Croatia might take all year.  That one might be hard to get from the west coast??  I've worked about 40 different Croatian stations since I started with PSK-31 in 2013 so they are out there and seem to enjoy working US stations. 


In 2015, I'll not earn the JA award...have only worked 7 different stations all year.  When I do see the occasional JA, it is one I already have in the log this year.   As Matt said, the JAs were a lot easier in 2014 as I had 30+ different ones in the log. 


Looking forward to another year of ham radio fun.


Thanks Matt!




Bill N4GBK

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This upcoming year's countries for the DX Endorsements will be:


Hopefully this will provide a good mix of attainability across the three. Japan was a bit more difficult this year than I'd anticipated. Seems that last year's bevy of JA stations on 15m dried up this year!

So far we have (and it's actually more than I realized):
39	2015DX-UT (Ukraine)
28	2015DX-PY (Brazil)
11	2015DX-JA (Japan)
Here's the numbers for 2014 for comparison:
65	2014DX-VE (Canada)
35	2014DX-LU (Argentina)


Matt King

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