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Robert Johnstone

your houses don't slide into the roadbeds with 1/4" rain either.ad0qo 1396

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¼” of rain is Armageddon? Wow!! Shoot we received just over 3” of much needed rain, over the 1½ days I might add, and it was barely enough. Not one report of flooding either… ¼” of rain is like nothing!!
Leave it to the West Coasters to overblow a simple rain… TV stations going into “Emergency” mode is a bit jumping the gun ain’t it?
… I’m just sayin’
73 de K3JAE
John Etling
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Dan, when 1st I printed him, he was an honest 579 or so, but big time qsb.
He’s a regular on the band. I’ve seen him before, but this is the 1st contact I’ve had with him.
From the “Daily DX Bulletin” that I subscribe to, there seems to be a huge solar storm headed our way.
Also, we have a terrific, awful, powerful and dooms day rain storm that’s predicted to hit the LA area in the next hour or so.
They’re predicting at least ¼” of rain! All of the TV stations have gone to their “Storm Central” scenario where 2 very ominous appearing reporters are preparing us for Armageddon!
What a hoot!
See ya on top!
Gud luck,
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I can see Milt working him but I don’t even see any bit of a trace on him.  But my ground mounted vertical could be the problem or maybe just no props this way…  Oh well, maybe next time.

Dan Morris   KZ3T   070-1065
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on 14.072.35 right now!
Matt King
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