Re: Endorsement stickers received


sometimes you have to go where the hams are.. I have spent many an hour over the last 5 or 6 years calling CQ and trying to make contacts on psk31 with no one there or answering if they hear you.  Despite that, I have WAS psk31 and close to 90 countries worked.   160 meters to 10 meters.  I have found that if I stay off the bands for a month or two, when I come back, I will find new folks to talk to.  How many of us never answered someone we have talked to before?  I admit I am guilty to a point.  Psk31 is way more fun than JT65 because you actually can carry on a conversation versus swapping signal reports.   Again, thanks for the hard efforts and time you guys put in to run the website and take care of the endorsements.  It is appreciated more than you probably hear about.

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