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Jerry N9AVY

Wallah ????     Think you need to learn to spell "Voila" which is a nice little French word.  Now,  we don't want to go to war with France over a silly little spelling of one of their words , do we ???  French are very sensitive, you know.

Couldn't resist giving you some grief on this one.   


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Well, thanks Robert and I’ll try post earlier if I can but a lot of times I don’t really set my clock and if I get up I just get up.  I’d hate to tell someone a certain hour and then sleep through it.  Probably what I will do is when I get down to the last 3,4 or 5 hours or so that I need I may do that and then set my clock to make sure I’m up.   I know that lots of people will be around.  It’s already amazing how quiet the bands seems with NO signals around and seemingly just me on the air calling CQ and feeling nobody is out there this time of the morning and then , wallah!  there is a nice strong signal.  

I should take a selfie just to see the look on my face!! hihi

Dan Morris   KZ3T   070-1065

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I always think the tough ones are more memorable / fun.  After I got the last hour block, I had a kind of withdrawal dression.  Fortunately I realized Others could use a bit of help and encouragement on their Quest.  If you can post a day ahead,  You might be surprised to see all those willing to help.  AD0QO Robert 1396 GL

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Well, I managed to fill in both hours and finish up Tuesday. My first day that is completely done. I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel!! 

Thanks to NU4C for the 0700Z hour. I tried working W0NEO in AR around 0818Z and copy was pretty rough. I managed to get him okay but was not sure if he copied me so I kept the info but did not log him as I wasn’t sure whether he copied me and/or logged the contact. So, I thought, oh my I hope there is someone else out there. I called, and called, and called. I was just about ready to pull the switch and lo and behold I got a strong signal calling me from FL, N7WE, Rick at about 0844Z!!! He was also looking for the 0800Z hour. He had just got up to check the radio. Boy, another few seconds or so and we would have missed each other.

As it turns out, I got an email this morning from W0NEO and he did copy and logged the contact so I had that hour anyway but was just not sure. 

thanks to all for the contacts. We’ll just keep pluggin away!!

Dan Morris KZ3T 070-1065

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