Re: Activity in Idaho or Hawaii on PSK

John Etling

The G station is no longer in HI… I believe he is now in GA or somewhere in the SE of the country – I worked him in both places… Just cannot remember exactly the SE US state he is in, or was in. Haven’t heard much of him over last few weeks… but then again, that has been true of any/all PSK.


… I’m just sayin’


73 de K3JAE

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From Oct 14 to Oct. 15  I worked these stations in ID:


WB7RXY  ... KG7LQA ... KG7DRN  ... AB7Bn


As for  HI  I worked a couple in 2009, but I have seen many other HI stations in the past few years...  just didn't need to work them again/


On 10 meters I worked KH6F  and WH6S in 2009 .  When 10m is open those two are usually around.


Probably your best bet for ID  will be WB7RXY as Ive seem him quite often around the bands. You could also look for W7 stations and run their calls on QRZ.   There was a G station operating portable from HI.


Good luck !





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Is there any activity on PSK in either Idaho or Hawaii?  I have 48 states confirmed on PSK, but I have never heard any activity from either of those States.  Has anyone worked anyone there on PSK?


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