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On the subject of mountains, i.e. rocks and dirt.  Mountains do not alter or reflect RF.  The water table does as do snow capped mountains.  As will heavy amounts of copper, or iron ore.  Your G5RV may have as much as a 30 degree angle of radiation depending on the  band of choice.  The take off angle of your antenna, especially in the lower bands may be a bigger issue. An old time truth, God loves a resonate antenna. Resonate dipoles hung at 45 degree angles will make for better signals in a direction of choice.

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On 10/18/15 1:11 PM, Martin Tuip ajax@... [070] wrote:
I hope I maybe can pick some brains in this group. At the moment I have a G5RV up in the trees on my property with the ends in about a 30 degree angle from each other due to the fact one end strung from the top of a tree on the bottom of a hill and the other from a tree on the top. Height is probably 60ft. I am really close to a mountain less than a mile away with nearly a vertical 2000ft risen (see my qrz page) and the back of my property has a steep hillside. The YL does not want towers so I am limited there. 

I am thinking to get a vertical antenna for a different radiation pattern but I think the low take off angle might not clear the hill and mountain. What are my options here?  

Build dedicated vertical arrays on the  hillside? 
Regular vertical ground mounted?
String vertical dipole from a tree?
Use a yagi on an angle to clear the mountain?
Anything else?


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