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Hi Martin, I have up now, 2 identical Alpha Delta DX-EE as inverted V's. (1 roughly E-W and the other roughly N-S) I can get a match of about 1.5 max on bands 10-80 (incl WARC bands) (80 is admittedly not great, but installed  30 meter end fed wire that handles 80-160m). All these wires are low profile and wife and neighbors are happy. I believe that unless you have an extensive radial field (which takes a lot of room, too) a vertical is just radiating poorly in all directions. The verticals that claim you don't need radials are at best, misleading, if not lying. The problem with the GR5V is that it is a design for 20m. All other bands are simply a compromise with that antenna.
good luck with the project !!

3, Ted

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Try vertical and see how it plays.  If it doesn't get over the mountain then back to drawing board.. .  or run 2000 ft of coax up the mountain !

Jerry n9avy

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I hope I maybe can pick some brains in this group. At the moment I have a G5RV up in the trees on my property with the ends in about a 30 degree angle from each other due to the fact one end strung from the top of a tree on the bottom of a hill and the other from a tree on the top. Height is probably 60ft. I am really close to a mountain less than a mile away with nearly a vertical 2000ft risen (see my qrz page) and the back of my property has a steep hillside. The YL does not want towers so I am limited there. 

I am thinking to get a vertical antenna for a different radiation pattern but I think the low take off angle might not clear the hill and mountain. What are my options here?  

Build dedicated vertical arrays on the  hillside? 
Regular vertical ground mounted?
String vertical dipole from a tree?
Use a yagi on an angle to clear the mountain?
Anything else?


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