Re: [PSK - TARA] Oh where, oh where have the PSK ops gone....


In a message dated 09/08/2001 16:42:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
ag4cz@... writes:

Well...I think I got a microphone. I'm pretty sure its that thing I
prop the door open with. Been so long since I actually used it that I
am not sure anymore what it is really for. Wonder if I still know how
to use it?!?!?
How 'bout 30meter PSK roundtable the night before the rumble. Get
that old WARC band warmed up.
Hey Jay N3DQU would that count towards 30/30?????
-- John AG4CZ

Hello John:
I think we have plenty of time for both a voice net & something digital.
Better yet, why don't we use the time to introduce some new folks to PSK &
Rumbles! Both TARA & PODXS could both benefit from this but more importantly
we'd be giving something back to the hobby.

73 de NY2U "Mr.Bill"

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