Dan Morris - KZ3T

Just be aware even though the band doesn’t sound good and only band noise you hear. I have been up sporadically during the early morning hours and just started calling CQ not thinking there was a soul around. Usually after a few minutes (or maybe 10 or 15) all of a sudden out of the clear blue and blank waterfall there is a signal!!! I have been fortunate the last week and pretty much got a contact while up early for hours I needed (0400-0500Z hours). This morning on 40M it seemed hopeless at about 0448Z or so an F1ABE answered my CQ!! that totally shocked me. I actually worked him for both the 0400Z and 0500Z hours. I also worked TX and did see a couple other traces. then I woke up again (missed the 0700Z hour) but got the 0800Z hour from someone in AZ. All signals were 599.

Dan Morris KZ3T 070-1065

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