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Yep, I can attest to that.  Not bad but when I get up during the night I go right to the radio and see what’s going on.    When I do get up I really hope it is on the half hour or more so it isn’t so long until the next hour! lol     But instead of getting up at 7 AM it becomes 8 AM and sometimes later!!!   But , being retired has its advantages since I don’t have to get up early.   I’ve got 140 hours so far and my goal is to get all the hours except for the church times by Christmas.  Then I’ll work on those few hours probably after the first of the year during a snow or ice day when church will be cancelled due to weather.

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Yup, it'll mess up sleep schedule.  Still haven't recovered from last year.  

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> thanks Steve. well, I need the 0600Z hour but I just worked Hawaii on 40M
> for this hour. so, I’m headed off back to bed!! hihi … I need 08 and 09
> hours but not going to wait up for those unless I happen to get up again but
> I doubt I will!!
> We had a pretty long day yesterday and I’m actually surprised I got up this
> morning!! I am on 40M right now though if you need this hour??

Good luck Dan (and everyone else doing it). It is possible, but be prepared to
have a really messed up sleep schedule while you do it :-)

David, K9DWR
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