Club Challenge...The Heat Is On!



Some of you might want to look at the following web page on Ernie Mills
"Digital World." It has all the teams listed that so far have surfaced for
the October TARA PSK Rumble. Make sure you scroll all the way down to the
bottom to see all the participants so far.

If you or your team, would like to join in on the Rumble, we'd love to have
you. We still haven't hear from a few other reflector/news groups, don't you
want to join the challenge? After all, who is going to be able to beat TARA?
We know one group that doesn't stand a chance....right Jay, N3DQU!

Take a peek at:

73 de NY2U "Mr.Bill"
"Red Fred et el" Gaffer

P.S. For full details look at:

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