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Robert Johnstone

Well once upon a time you had to have a license and display it on your crystal controlled <5W AM 11m rig so no bets on the "Friendly Candy Co." Robert ad0qo 1396

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Put 10 psychologists in a room and ask the same question  and you get 10 different answers.. depends on whether they subscribe to Freud, Jung and others methods. 

Seriously, I read somewhere that a large percentage of hams who receive OO Notices are Extras ...  kind of makes one wonder if being an Extra gave them a bigger hat size ?

BTW, I;ve never subscribed to that mantra that "if I had to pass this or that test; then everyone else should, too".  It's whatever the FCC deems necessary to grant a license  to the operator.  I just hope they don't start putting licenses in cereal boxes ! :-)

Jerry  n9avy

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I, too, am an extra-lite.  I was just reaching 20 wpm when the requirement vanished.   I once asked a competent social psychologist (not a ham) whether someone who had the diligence to learn the code would be less a jerk (read more profane description) than one who did not have to learn code.  His response was 52% vs. 48%, less a jerk.  read "not much".    my 2cents.    Marcus, KM5EH

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Being one of the unwashed no-code extras I am surprised this attitude still prevails in this club.
Don't forget that to the newer hams code is just another digital mode and possibly not one of the preferred ones. Having never been a CBer I guess I fall into the other category.
best regards

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 I am of the old school, where code should STILL be required, even at the 5wpm to weed out the “CBers” and less groomed LIDS.
… I’m just sayin’
73 de K3JAE
John Etling
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