Jay Hudak 80m Sprint


Guys, Gals & Others,

Just a reminder that the Jay Hudak 80m Sprint is coming very soon. How soon? How about this coming weekend!

Details are here: 

 2015 Jay Hudak Memorial 80M Sprint

New members, this is your chance to dive in, transmit that new 070 membership number and make a brazillion contacts towards your LONP.

Details are here:

: LONP Rules

 It's a good time to be had by all.

As an additional reminder, once the contest starts, we'll go to the Yahoo contest reflector at:

070 Contest


Let's have some record participation this year. 

And, only positive thoughts about the propagation. It's going to be a great operating event !

There may be time for an additional blurb on Friday, but in the meantime, do your macro's, clean out your shack's coffee pot, prepare your XYL/OM/Other and do your yoga meditating!


Olm-shanti- shanti, and I'll see you on my waterfall!




LONP #76

070 Club - Director of Public Relations.

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