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Jerry N9AVY

I get some of those long lists and don't feel any need to reply to some so,I just very politely say 73, good DX and have a great week !

Some guys use the "I just got dinner call from wife" excuse and that seems to work or "it's time for me to go to work".  There are probably other excuses that work equally well  ...   "telephone call"... "my radio's smoking" ... "antenna is on fire "   ... and so on !

Whatever you do be polite as possible so as not to make others listening in think you're a jerk.  Never tell the other guy he's long-winded, nosy and boring as hell !  :-)

Jerry  n9avy

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I want some opinions. If I had to say much about my style, I would say I'm closer to contests then to rag chewing. 

When I do PSK sometimes I feel like a jerk. I return their calls, or their CQ. I'll send some pertinent information for the QSO. I have it setup so I can easily make some personal comments. And then I want to be done. I really am not interested in the station and other information. So, am I being a jerk after someone sends me their long list of things to reply back with, "Thanks for the QSO and best of luck"

Bryon W7RIV

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