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Bryon — There are far too many people out there that give a wide variety of information.  Some short, some not so short and then some in between.  However, I don’t think it is bad etiquette to end the QSO.  I see it all the time.  I use the normal macros that a lot use.  Sometimes I send my equipment macro and sometimes I don’t.  I just basically go with the flow.  I’m pretty easy to get along with (hihi).  I generally go the route of signal hopping , if you will, and look for CQ’s, etc and occasionally call CQ myself.  Just depends on the mood we are all in at the time.

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I want some opinions. If I had to say much about my style, I would say I'm closer to contests then to rag chewing. 

When I do PSK sometimes I feel like a jerk. I return their calls, or their CQ. I'll send some pertinent information for the QSO. I have it setup so I can easily make some personal comments. And then I want to be done. I really am not interested in the station and other information. So, am I being a jerk after someone sends me their long list of things to reply back with, "Thanks for the QSO and best of luck"

Bryon W7RIV

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