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John - I have found over the years that no matter what the solar readings (stuff) says, it just depends on the area of the world or country you are in.  Even though things don’t look good there is always somebody out there with somewhat decent condx.  So, it is basically a hit and miss kind of thing as far as I am concerned.  I’m like you, I turn the radio on and if there are signals I’m good to go. If not, the I turn it off and try again later or the next day!!

..Just sayin'

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To the more astute operators who understand sun spotting activity and band conditions etc… which could be most everyone else as this stuff is not something I understand…

Any forecast on how the condition of the bands tonight will be? Since I simply do not understand all the solar stuff truthfully, I turn on the radio and pray it is somewhat in decent condition. Last night I Lost 2 hours of the 24/7 through no fault of mine or anyone else’s… except Conditions. 

Since I need to try again tonight, was wondering if I will be fighting the elements again. 


… I’m just sayin’


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