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Dan Morris - KZ3T

That is very true.  I end up just deleting far more messages than I actually read as I can just look at the Subject line most of the time and just delete, delete, delete so not much of a problem here.  But for trying to pick up contacts at certain times or whatever else it may be is where most are just trying to get the contacts they need.

Dan Morris

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It is easy to set up a "rule" in your email to route your incoming emails into folders. All my 940-736-428302 messages go to a folder that I review at my leisure. If I see it contains several emails with subjects I am not interested in, it takes a simple right click and selecting "mark folder read" to clear the unread.

The reflector is an easy way to communicate with many users. Remember that just because a topic is if no personal interest to you, it may be of interest to many other members.

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Several days ago, someone sent a message to the reflector pondering why only a limited percentage of 070 club members participate in the club reflector. I think I may know why.

Last night, before going to bed, I read all of my outstanding email. This morning, I had 40 new email messages... 30 of which were from the 070 club reflector. Those messages were from only a few club members and the gist of each of them was that band conditions are horrible and it is a waste of time trying to make PSK31 contacts.

I contend that it is also a waste of time reading 30 messages repeating that same content in various ways.

IMHO, the reflector should be used for messages of interest to ALL 070 club members. If you are need to communicate with specific members trying to set up a SKED, then please do so with a private emails, not one sent to hundreds of email addresses. Most recipients will have little interest in reading your message. 

If we want more 070 club members to participate on the reflector, then we need to make use of the reflector far more effective and efficient. If the reflector continues to waste my time as it has the past couple of weeks, I will have all 070 reflector messages transferred automatically to my spam folder. 

We also need to remember that the club represents people from different continents, countries and languages. For example, "flinging bananas at APEs" might seem humorous to some, but might not be taken the same way by others.

Ray N9RWC 
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