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Robert Johnstone

I think that every contact may be a different case.  Some long replys contain clubs and interests or old occupations.  Some just look like defaults from the software. If I don't find some common ground I think I tend to make a short Q unless the other party asks for more.  Morris has a great point in that I think psk63 and 125 tend to be short quick macro exchanges as most of us old folks with aurthuritus can't type real fast. our spelling is not so good sometimes either.  my$.02  I just try to be understanding and tolerant and when I think I am not in that mood I turn radio off.  Robert kd0fip 1396

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Not everyone wants to chit chat and that is OK, you might like the JT modes they are strictly non conversational modes. I like to learn a little about the fellow on the other end but thats just me.

73 Morris WA4MIT

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I want some opinions. If I had to say much about my style, I would say I'm closer to contests then to rag chewing. 

When I do PSK sometimes I feel like a jerk. I return their calls, or their CQ. I'll send some pertinent information for the QSO. I have it setup so I can easily make some personal comments. And then I want to be done. I really am not interested in the station and other information. So, am I being a jerk after someone sends me their long list of things to reply back with, "Thanks for the QSO and best of luck"

Bryon W7RIV

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