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I'm interested in participating. It will not be this year though. I'm not setup for 80m. I'm curious what you guys are using for 80m currently. My main antenna is a K4KIO Hexbeam 6m-20m (though it was working great on 40m the other night). 

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Hello Guys/Gals/Others 

Just the 1st alert that the Jay Hudak Memorial 80 meter Sprint is happening very soon !

In fact, it's coming to your waterfall on Saturday, September 5th at 2000 UTC/GMT/ZULU, until September 6th at 2000 UTC/GMT/ZULU.  

As we've been doing lately, You can operate 6 hours, OR the entire 24 hours, or anything in between, picking your best 6 hours when you submit your .adif log to the official scoring utility.

More info can be found at Home Click on the title banner announcing the contest and, "Poof!", you're there at the rules page.

Amazing stuff!

More will come later as we get closer to the operating event.





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