WITWIS Opportunity

Steve W3HF

I don't count as an APE, but I'm here in Denver for one more evening if someone is chasing WITWIS. Greg WA3GM mentioned me on the reflector, and a few members found me randomly on the air last night. (The pileup was fun, even if it only lasted for four QSOs!)


I hope to be on the air in a few hours, once my work day is finished, so if you need W3HF/0 tonight may be an opportunity. It's also a good chance for some east coast members to find me at skip range, instead of being too close for 20m evening operation. And because of that, I'd love to find some new LONP points that are accessible from here that are tough from home in eastern PA.


I know the club station has antennas for 20 and 40, but I haven't found any WARC band antennas. If someone wants a sked, please feel free to text me at 610-308-0654. I don't have email capability from the station, and I won't be able to even send/receive texts until I leave work. But if you want/need a contact with me, either for LONP or WITWIS, let me know.



W3HF(/0 for a few more hours)

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