Re: W6QP APE status report!


Let us know when you leave. Pretty sure I need N6MG still. But I will not be able to be on the air until later this evening. 

On Tuesday, August 25, 2015, n6mg@... [070] <070@...> wrote:

Well, this is the 1st year we've done our annual APE effort without the Internet.

I'm using my iPhone as a "Hotspot" and connecting to it with my iPad. It's ok for an occasional email, etc., but far from the home station setup.

Conditions have been pretty good thus far and I enjoyed following the guys on 40m last night. It paid off as I worked several new members for LONP credit.

W6QP is currently at 126 Q's on 4 bands. 

I'll stick with it until my XYL makes me pull the plug and head down the hill. 

Back to my waterfall.

Just sayin',

73 de,






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