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David, K9DWR

* Robert Johnstone [070] <> [2015-08-25 09:35]:
My suspicion is that you are in western TN and far enough west to be
in my donut hole or on the edge of it. �the map of pskreporter shows
the stations that hear me strongly start at about 400 miles radially
from my vertical and extend out to British Columbia when my wattage is
less than 30Watts to operate inside this hole I have to go to 80M
which has been a real victum of the noise gremlins, �When 80M opens
later this year we should be able to connect if that is the culprit.
�I have almost no Arkansas contacts below 80M. but MS AL GA,FL are
fine. �Just saying�kd0fip 1396 73�
I am not hearing anything tonight. Hope you fare better with others.

David, K9DWR
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