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Robert Johnstone

My suspicion is that you are in western TN and far enough west to be in my donut hole or on the edge of it.  the map of pskreporter shows the stations that hear me strongly start at about 400 miles radially from my vertical and extend out to British Columbia when my wattage is less than 30Watts to operate inside this hole I have to go to 80M which has been a real victum of the noise gremlins,  When 80M opens later this year we should be able to connect if that is the culprit.  I have almost no Arkansas contacts below 80M. but MS AL GA,FL are fine.  Just saying 
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Somehow we have GOT to get connected. I am hearing stations beyond you, in front of you, but for some reason Kansas seems to be a complete dead spot to me.
I may have heard you thus why I was having a problem decoding Byron for a bit, once the band settled I was finally able to grab him.
Next hour will be tough and I will CQ in the exact same spot I was with Byron if you are there to try. I really want to get you in the log, for your persistence in trying as helping you out (hopefully) for something you are working towards.
Hopefully in 15 minutes, we can get this connected!!
… I’m just sayin’
73 de K3JAE
John Etling
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