Re: 24 / 7 all-nighter tonight


Yea. I've had some terrible issues lately. I was starting to wonder if it was my station or my software. I've not ruled anything out, but I haven't had a lot of luck.

Bryon W7RIV

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Hi John
I think you might look at the K number before planning an all nighter at present it is between 6 & & may not be a good night for you.
Good Luck
John KE4JB

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Now that I have successfully been completely schooled on the 24/7 rules, what is needed to be completed and all the hubba-baloo I caused over the last few days I am going to attempt to clear this endorsement as quickly as possible.  If anyone will be available for my attempt to clear all MONDAY timeslots beginning at 07:00-12:00 (less the 08:00 hour) UTC – that being 3AM-8AM Eastern/2AM-7AM Central/12:00-5AM Pacific (assuming my time zone calculations are proper, which has been suspect of late) I would appreciate any and all assistance.


I shall begin on 20m and bounce between 20m and 40m for the most part as those bands seem to be the most fruitful for me during that time period, and providing the sun plays fair with the atmosphere I hope to knock off all the remaining MONDAY slots. I’m going to be a tired puppy by weeks end as I am going to attempt to get 24/7 completed by Mid-September at worst… Sooner would be better.


Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Wish me luck in my upcoming all-nighters… oi!! Hoot hoot!



… I’m just sayin’


73 de K3JAE

John Etling


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