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Dan Morris - KZ3T

I agree with Jerry and Loren — However, the possibility of using PSK63 and 125 would be a nice addition.  So, any awards would be PSK31, 63, 125, any of those modes.  

I am one of those managers for 10-10 and I can vouch for what Jerry has said.  I guess I’m one of the exceptions as I have been a bar manager since 1998!!   However, with that said, I have seen way too many managers start up in 10-10 and then not last very long for whatever reason.  I could see the same thing happening with the 070 club.   Just my .02 cents worth as well.

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After seeing a few comments on this subject I think this would be an added burden on those who run 070.  The crew does an amazing job now, but add the JTx modes and these folks will have to give up family life, spare time and just plain not have a life; I'm sure that most of them are working for a living and would like to hold on to their jobs.  All this "let's do this or that"  sounds great, but doing the actual work in implementing it.  

070 is doing a great job and I think it should keep on doing one thing well.  Branching out in too many directions can/will cause problems down the line eventually. My experience with 10-10 over the past 29 years has been people take on a job as a certificate manager and after a few years are overwhelmed, burnt out and give up or just disappear.  Making a commitment to start something and to keep it rolling requires time and energy.  Many pay lip service to a project and as they get involved more & more, they decide that it wasn't what they thought it would be.

Personally, I think there should be a separate group for the JT modes and not under the PODXS 070 flag.

Just my 2 cents worth ..

Jerry  N9AVY

P.S.   Flames to anybody but me !

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I must echo K7TRK in his idea to expand into the JT-Modes as I also have triple the JT mode contacts than PSK. In the last 1 year I made 1100 PSK contacts, easily made near 4000 contacts (would have to query my DB for the actual total) and I have not even been using JT modes the full year. Some of you may recall my inquiry a few months back asking this same thing, with me nearly getting my head chewed off by “some.”
I was even thinking of finding like-minded persons who would be willing to start their own version of the 070 club as I think it is necessary and needed. I know of no organization that specifically endorses JT modes and getting achievements for reaching milestones is non-existent. Yeah, ARRL has begrudgingly started recognizing it, eQsl has done the same thing, but there is no active “I gotta have it” achievements or the type of like-minded people, who truly love the JT modes as I do.
Ted speaks absolute fact when he notes that when conditions are poor the PSK portion of the band is completely empty yet the JT portion are alive and well… Maybe not as strong as other days, but band conditions never seem to fully shut down JT modes. Less power is required, and a “training page” of sorts on how to run JT modes would be helpful.  I have contacted more new DXCC locations on JT modes than ever on PSK/Phone combined. I am not blessed with a huge beam, on a huge tower. I run either a 43’ vertical planted, by necessity, in a not so ideal and surely less than perfect location or a dipole oriented E/W at 30 feet. I will probably never get anywhere near 300 DXCC credits, not that I care, but I would like to get at least the 116 confirmed that I worked. 
However… turning about faced… expanding means more work for those who manage the system. More un-covered costs overall in sticker endorsements etc. So rather than expanding what seems to be working pretty well like a well-oiled machine, why not add a “second” group to the management to oversee the JT modes, independent for the most part of the PSK modes, or have others volunteer to start a “club” specific to the JT modes. I would be in favor of either and would be willing to throw my hat in the ring of those willing to try at new group or club. Surely one would not think ill thoughts of a group of 070 members also reaching out to the JT users… If that was the case 1010 (just sayin here) members would never be PODSX members and vise-versa.
Many of us PSKers I am sure work the JT modes, I know this because I have personally worked you on them. Some of your calls are in my memory, knowing name/state as I know mine. Rather than have a push/shove contest here on the reflector, everyone should be open-minded, speak your thoughts without bashing someone else’s ideas/thoughts and seriously considering ALL proposals. I’m not suggesting we go crazy here with deciding what to do… I would advocate more that if PODXS wants to stay close to its roots, that is perfectly fine… If some of its members wish to start a similar group specific to JT modes, than that is also fine.
… I’m just sayin’
73 de K3JAE
John Etling
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Good Evening,
Well, for better or worse, I feel like sharing something that has popped into my head in the last week or so. As we know, a lot of changes have taken place in the Club over the past couple of years. A couple of changes are a bit disconcerting to me, but may have bearing on my ultimate proposal. The first thing is that we seem to have forgotten the history of the Club and the vision of the founders. It seems that now, there are no members of the management team that are even remotely have ties to the 'Old Guard'. Some of that is understandable, as some of the founders choose to take a break from their duties.  The 'old' website had a pretty good history of the Club and it's founders thinking on how they evolved to a purely PSK mode Club. Sadly, (and shame on the current management), none of that history exists on the current website. As best as I recall (from the information that was on the old website), the Club was formed as the Penn-Ohio DX Club by some folks interested in DX activity. Again, torturing my memory, the founders 'signed on' to the new PSK modes(s), and the Club went down the road of a purely PSK31 Club, with events and contests geared to that mode.
'Fast forward' to 2015, and the genesis of my 'random thought'. At the time the founders chose the PSK path, I think that other than RTTY, that was pretty much it for digital modes (pls don't beat me up on this...if wrong, I fall on my sword). I now confess, that for the past several months, I have actively been using various permutations of the WSJT modes (JT65, JT9, JT65HF, etc., etc) Those modes are not a secret if you own a computer. I have been active on both VHF and HF modes of these digital modes. I have literally logged  3 to 4 times the contacts on these modes vs. PSK modes. As we know, the bands have not been kind to us in recent months, but when I have a waterfall blank in PSK, I can switch to one of the WSJT modes, and see a full screen of stations within minutes.
So, by now, you can see where the 'Random Thought' is going. Is it time to consider expanding the PODXS Club to a Club that accepts ALL digital modes? Yes, there are various EU Clubs that have variations on this theme, but I don't think any of them have the cachet of the PODXS Club. I think the PODXS Club is the 'Gold Standard' worldwide when it comes to digital clubs. My proposal anticipates a lot more work for the current management team, so all the members would need to pitch in and assist. (an editorial comment: I hate RTTY, but I guess it's digital)
So now, even though I am no longer cursed with a 'career/job', and can sleep in, I leave you ponder my essay, while I curl up with K7Cleo, K7Stella and the lovely Susan ...
Let The Wild Rumpus Begin..
73, Ted

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