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Robert Johnstone

I think that increasing the interest in digital and the club is an unspoken obligation of each club member.  If I tell someone at a ham meeting that my computer crashed and they offer to send me an e-mail on how to fix it; I suspicion their IQ may below room temperature.  It is hard to encourage psk 31 of you only do so using psk 31.   Conversely if I tell someone that I had a keyboard to keyboard conversation with a DX station at 30 Watts or less, it may encourage them to try something other than phone portions of the band populated by 800-1500 Watt poor antennas.  Seems the way to prove a group is viable is to start one and find the workers that enjoy it, then you have something attractive for sale. Otherwise you are trying to add work to people who did not sign up to do your work for you.  My $.02 Rob kd0fip 1396 

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> application)... BUT it leaves the gap that we're not getting anyone started
> on PSK, only continuing their interest. So how could we potentially fill
> that gap, without removing the 50-Q threshold or negatively impacting
> membership/costs?

That's a real chicken-or-the-egg question, isn't it? The 50-Q doesn't
matter if they aren't using PSK in the first place. The real issue is
how can the club promote PSK31 to people that AREN'T USING PSK31?

David, K9DWR
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