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Thanks Milt — Finally someone agrees with me!! lol    I totally agree with you my friend.

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You’ll not get any hate email from me.

I’ve observed the same thing over and over again. I do the same thing as you. I watch the waterfall when I log on, and chasing LONP, the 1stthing I do is to click on traces to see what’s there. And, being a DX’r over 40 years, I then click on weak traces, just as I listen for weak fluttery cw signals.

I’ve never had anyone come back and tell me that they were on a particular frequency after I called cq.

I don’t send “QRL” or even ask if a frequency is in use. I use my eyeball.

AND, I don’t tell other stations what to do, or how to operate or scold someone for not operating as I do.

Just saying...





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Jerry — I know everyone has been harping on this checking frequency bit but on the other hand if a station is listening on that frequency for a few minutes and hears nothing I don’t see what difference it would make whether he sends a QRL or not.  It might just be that he could not hear those two stations at all??   And if that is the case it really doesn’t make much difference.  Bands condx are very up and down .. Heck, I’ve heard one way communications where I could not hear one station but could hear the other.  Usually that is the case.   


I would think that before we all start jumping on this having manners crap just consider that that station may not have heard the other two.  I’ve seen on this reflector where it seems the first thing that people do is state that that station has no manners.  Not his fault if he can’t hear the other two stations!!


Now, before I get hate mails, I do agree, polite thing is to send a QRL and check but there have been many times when I will set there and listen on a frequency and after a set amount of time if I don’t hear anything I will transmit.  so far I have never interfered with another station (that I know of) — If I did then I could not hear them and evidently they could hear me.  Then again there are those that just jump in on a frequency without listening or sending out a QRL and those are the ones that don’t have the manners or courtesy.   The way your last sentence about Part 97, about checking a frequency then if I listen on a frequency for a couple of minutes or so and hear nothing then I have actually checked to see if that frequency is in use.   Semantics I guess.


Just saying --

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Hanging out on 20m today and noticed very few stations on air. What's there is all stateside.


Funny thing... finished a QSO with CA station and another station starts calling CQ on same frequency.  It would say it was a freak happening but I noticed the same thing with another station who was in QSO.  Just weird... good manners would be to ask if frequency was in use (QRL?) before running a CQ  or maybe just call the station who left the frequency ?  There's something in Part 97 somewhere about checking if frequency is in use.


This/ I would guess, shows a lack of proper instruction on the part of some hams. 


Just sayin'



Jerry  N9AVY



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