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Bill Williams

This is a reply to all the emails.

I had pretty good quantity of signals today on 20M today but very limited time.  We were in a flood situation here with rain for the last 20 days.  In between monitoring the sump pump and sweeping water out of the garage I would look at the computer screen DX stations.  I had no time to chat so DX was the name of the game for today.

In any case 20M was busy but I only got 4 contacts, Lithuania, England, Spain and Italy.  10M only had two signals but only one answered me, Uruguay.  15M yielded two, Turkey and Brazil.  I answered the English station on 15M that covered the Turkey station but got no response.

Bill  AG4QX

On Mon, Aug 3, 2015 at 8:20 PM, 'Milton Garb' n6mg@... [070] <070@...> wrote:

t’was el zippo grandee today for sure...

not even poop on 15m...a few traces on 20m...

will ck 30m & 40m at gray line




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checked JT9 and JT65 for sigs on 15m...el zippo...SFI is only 106 so I thinks any hf today is a gift


73, Ted




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Came home after work and found all these :turkey: messages. Had to check calendar ... thought it was late November !  :-)


Jerry  N9AVY


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Milt, I see zip here


k7trk  22:59z



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