Re: W3KM General Logger

John AG4CZ <ag4cz@...>

Well personally I think it is the best PSK contest software going
(cant beat the price either). Now my opinion is slightly biased given
the testing that I did. One important note *** You MUST use the
[enter] key to go to the next field. If you do not, the mults will
not be correct (i.e.. no [tab] key).
One of the tests that I conducted was to load my TDW contacts and the
scoring came out perfect. Now if only I would have had this in June.
I have also verified the scoring and duping for the upcoming Rumble
and it is all set. The CCCC and Anatolian contests have been checked
over but not as detailed as the TDW and Rumble.
Jay -- you can address the xyl situation with a wav file keyed by the
task manager in Windows. You could use a proximity sensor too. My xyl
runs screaming when the computer talks to her :)
John AG4CZ
--- In 070@y..., N3DQU@a... wrote:
A while ago AG4CZ posted a note about a contest logger written
by W3KM
that supported among other things, the 070 Club Three Day Weekend
would you
believe! I have been playing around with the program a bit and
altho I have
never used a computer logger other than ye olde Digipan, Joe
program looks like it will do just about everything except give the
xyl a
"yes dear" at predetermined intervals whilst you are slugging it
out in the
pileups hi! For anyone who is interested in trying out this
program, you can
download it at < > ...If you
are already
have W3KM's General Logger, I would appreciate your thoughts on it,
especially as it pertains to the TDW...Jay N3DQU.

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