Lighthouse OTA Event


Imagine this; APE on a lighthouse island with an IOTA number...on August 15th, 16th?

Send in your reports.

Load the wagon, don’t worry about the mule!




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Beat ya to it, Ted! ;-P



We may bring back the other Special Event endorsement at some point, but we'll probably just create endorsements or attaboys to commemorate each individual event that we decide to promote.


This one is coming up three weeks from Friday and is a neat little event.  


Y'all just send Milt a note on the reflector saying that you operated at least one of the ILLW approved lighthouses and we'll get a sticker out to you in the 3rd/4th quarter mailing.




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...another reason to bring back the Special Event endorsement...


73, K7TRK



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Guys, Gals etc.

Let me repeat an email I sent out earlier.

It’s still happening, and the participation tension is rising!

The International Lighthouse - Lightship Weekend is approaching. It's the 48 hour weekend of August 15-16, 2015.

Let me point out that many lighthouses also have an IOTA # associated with them. Lightships, however, do not. It's the old "Tierra firma" rule there.

Complete info can be found at the ILLW website: - Home . It's a very interesting website with lots of history, facts, fiction, lists and the where with all to have an intelligent operating weekend. I know that many of the guys chasing our IOTA sticker series will be there. Work a new lighthouse? Work a new IOTA? And keep your eyes open for new LONP folks.

Official Web Site for the International Lighthouse-Lightship Weekend. An annual amateur radio event held in August.



If time permits, they’ll be an additional reminder..

I won’t post this on the contest reflector until the week before the event.





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