Quick Note From The Club Desk

Matthew King <mrk.twg@...>

Hey y'all - I hope this note finds all of you doing well.

I'm working on the mailing just as hard as I can - stickers and certificates will be heading out over the next few weeks.

That said, I've done doing some housekeeping and work on the IOTA queue (still over 900 entries!) while taking a couple hour break from the mailing. While doing so, I've noticed that many of you are not submitting your entire PSK31 log to the checker when applying for endorsements. Many (most?) of our endorsements build over time/QSO count, so the entire log needs to be uploaded each time, as the checker does not retain any QSO information.

The endorsement checker (here's a quick link: http://hamclubs.info/070-checker/ ) will be a much more effective tool for you all if you adhere to the mantra "UPLOAD THE WHOLE LOG!"

Note that this is NOT the case for the contest scorer. Those log submissions should contain only the records pertinent to the contest/event in question.

This has been just a quick update from the Club Desk - may every last one of y'all have a wonderful day!


Matt King

070 #1708 LONP #261

PODXS 070 Club Executive Director

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