Re: Report from 2015 APE House



My XYL thanks you for giving her 'Honorable Mention' in
your 'APE' listing.

We will be in Wallowa County, OR.
Grid: DN15jg.

I will be operating 15 & 20 Meters, August 19th & 20th.
Possibly the 18th depending upon setup time.

WA7HDZ 404

On Wednesday, July 15, 2015 3:03 PM, "'Milton Garb' n6mg@... [070]" <070@...> wrote:

Matt, et al,
What I have so far is:
K0ACP, Art & KJ8O, Joe from an yet unannounced hideaway in Michigan.
WA7HDZ, Larry, from an XYL approved site at Lake Wallowa in Oregon.
LZ2HT, Ivan from someplace in Bulgaria.
KC2GIK, Justin, Cape May area and looking for someone to join him.
W6QP, with N6MG and possibly W0PE, Freddy, operating from the W6QP clubhouse high up in the San Bernardino Nat’l Forest.
K9PLX, Chuck, & K9ZXO, Mitch - Aug 28-29-30th – destination unannounced.
I’m sure there will be more as the time gets closer.
Surely there must be more out there?...Someplace?...Maybe?...
As usual, my disclaimer; if I missed anyone, mia culpa, and please let me know.
LONP #76
High Sheriff of the 070 Club’s APE House


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