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Jerry N9AVY

Got my WIN7 laptop at local hamfest earlier this year... it had an illegal copy of WIN7 and was sold by a dealer (his card is still in my glove box !) . Not only an illegal copy, buy none of the drivers were installed.  Cost me $$$ to get everything put right.

Beware hamfest bargains unless you're knowledgeable.

Jerry  N9AVY

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Just a note guys...
I’ve been using Avast free anti-virus software for years and years.
I have 4 Win XP Pro laptops around here dedicated to different functions. They’re all Dell, with different processors, different amounts of RAM, etc. etc.
But, in common, they all have Avast free software on them.
My new Dell main frame came with Kaspersky, and it seems to be doing a good job. My XYL, Sandy has a new wazoo Dell laptop and it also came with Kaspersky.
There is free software out there. Just go to the Avast website, or Norton or McAfee websites and dig a bit for it.
BTW, I get all of my laptops at a local swap meet. They come with a legit copy of XP Pro and all but 1 came with Office XP on it.
If remembering correctly, I paid $100 for the “biggest” of the lot.
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Hi Hi- They will keepit going till 2019 ,because of the ATM machines and THE Navy !!
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I think it's all a "sales pitch"  to convert everyone over to WIN 10 so the Microsoft can make billions more $$$ !   
jerry  n9avy

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Many hams continue to use Windows XP on their shack computers and some older ham software fails on newer operating systems. Microsoft considers this operating system, which was introduced in 2001, to be obsolete. Official support for the operating system was discontinued in 2014.

Now, Microsoft has now announced that it will discontinue issuing antivirus signature updates for the Security Essentials package in Windows XP. Updates to the Malicious Software Removal tool are also being discontinued, leaving XP computers potentially vulnerable.

Thus, if you chose to continue use of Windows XP and you connect your computer to the Internet to use email, LoTW, eQSL, QRZ, Hamcall, online clusters, etc. you need to install an antivirus package  and keep it updated periodically.

Although many antivirus packages (Norton, McAfee, Kapersky, etc. ) are commercial only packages, there are other companies who offer free versions of their software (AVG, AVIRA, AVAST, Panda, etc.). Thus, there is no reason for anyone to have an unprotected computer.

Of course, if your only network connection is through HF radio frequencies, then you have nothing to fear.

Be safe on-line.

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