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Paula — Good point and on my digital software that is what I do.  After each QSO it is automatically sent to eQSL but ONLY if I click to LOG the contact.  However, I always wait till the confirmation is made and we exchange info and I know for sure we have made a good contact, then I will LOG the contact and it is sent to eQSL.   A also have these records in my ACLog and could use a bulk upload there instead of using the ‘send to eQSL’ as logged.   


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I think a lot of eQSL errors are due to automated uploading at the end of each contact (as opposed to a bulk upload at the end of session.) Inaccurate data is collected, or data is prefilled, and not confirmed during the QSO. Then the contact is ended with a macro that automatically logs each contact, whether successful or not. One failsafe would be to use the “Reset” button after a failed contact, but I think common practice is to end a rocky QSO with the usual 73 macro that has “add log” in it, and if the software is set to automatically upload after each QSO, that is probably the source of a lot of these bad QSOs. I turned this feature off and only upload to eQSL and LoTW after the end of my session where I can inspect my log and correct any errors.

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