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pdc — Well stated.  Hmmm, I was just writing up something just about what you said so no use to put something out that is pretty much what you stated.  I agree wholeheartedly with you.  People talk like LoTW is the greatest thing since sliced bread but then I see CONSTANTLY on this list and another list especially where people are ALWAYS having problems with LoTW.  I use both but I personally prefer eQSL (my choice).  I only use LoTW just to give those that don’t use eQSL a contact/qsl for any awards they may be chasing after.  I guarantee you there are those that send in contacts in to LoTW much the same as eQSL and there ends up not being a valid contact/qsl.

As they say to each his own.  I’m not bashing anyone so don’t get on my case.  I say if you like LoTW and not eQSL, use LoTW, no problem.  No skin off my back.  But vice versa also and don’t knock those that do use eQSL.  I’ve rejected several contacts on eQSL but sometimes I wonder if I forgot to log it.  I realize that many times we get going in contests, etc and it can be fairly easy to miss a contact.  There are still lots of people who write them down on  a piece of paper and then transfer to a log or whatever.  Whoa, that is too easy to miss getting something into the log.  I know, I’ve done it in the past.

Well, enuff said.  I’m not one to say much on any of these lists. What a lot of people don’t realize is the number of people that are on this list and when one starts ranting away there are way too many opinions that get involved and then sometimes the list loses its purpose.   Everybody has their own opinion and most of the time others are not going to change it.

And another thing (my pet peeve) if you want to flame me send me an email directly and don’t be like an idiot and send it to the whole list!!  Thank you for letting me rant a bit myself.   I try to look over my emails before I send them out to attempt to make sure I’m not flaming anyone, however, everyone reads something into every email whether you meant it or not so all I can say is be careful what you say and how you say it.

Thank you and most of all let’s all have fun on the bands.  That’s the main thing.

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I don't think eQSL is populated by more flakes than LotW or anywhere else.  The difference is that eQSL shows you their flakery, while LotW does not.  It would be interesting to dig into the LotW database and see how many "rejected" QSLs there really are in there.  I think that result would be surprising.

Lots of people make logging errors.  Make no mistake, any eQSLs you reject would have ended up as a paper log back in the day and again, you just wouldn't know about it and wouldn't be able to say "no" to them.  Also, YOU make log errors - maybe you missed logging one... that happens a lot more than you might think with macros.

People say "eQSL has no credibility in DX", but what does that mean?  It's a reasonable log backup place, and it's convenient.  That's the only credibility I've ever assigned it.  In every way I can see it is precisely as credible as Logbook of the World.  In fact, the only substantial difference between LotW and eQSL is that the former can be used for ARRL awards and costs money to do so, whereas the latter can be used for CQ awards and is free to do so.

Do people fudge on eQSL?  Yep.  They fudge paper QSLs too - I just got a paper card from someone for a contact 9 years ago.  Seems his callsign has changed and he's re-issuing cards with the new callsign.  Sorry dude, I didn't make a contact with W1**, I made it with K4***.  Do paper QSLs have credibility in the DX world?

I've never figured out what level of awesomeness would be necessary to get people not to hate on eQSL.  My guess is that it's actually too easy to use - people seem to like the difficulties and hassle that LotW presents.

eQSL... use it... or don't... but don't think there's some kind of high ground by not using it.

73 de VE3OIJ

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