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David Westbrook

But if the radio soundcard is the Windows default, there's still a good chance for it to happen, from windows system sounds, or webpages (against policy, but you find those that auto-play audio, or worse & confusing, their live radio stream), or ham software (e.g. hrd or spotcollector or other audio spot alarms; or JT65/JT-Alert; or even software you don't realize has sound effects, especially if it's going out the radio!)... 

It's such and easy & cheap solution to get a el-cheapo $5 (or less!) USB soundcard to set as the windows default, i highly recommend it.

$2 with free shipping -- pretty hard to beat that!


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The way to defeat the sounds going over the air is to have
a separate Computer/Laptop for Ham Radio
N9JCA Chris

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in order that I may LEARN how to do it "

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careful setting a ham sound card as the windows default!!

Really recommend using any other sound card (e.g. cheapo USB stick) as the default,  for windows sounds/dings/email notification/web videos or ads, etc ... all of that will go out over the air if it occurs while you're transmitting.

This is a common topic on the JT65/JT-Alert related reflectors, but applies to all digital.

On a similar note, took me a while to realize that my IC706MKII mic is "hot" when i'm transmitting digital (PSK/JT65),  so i have to unplug is when working those modes, since the rig is in USB (no "DATA" mode like more modern rigs).  So i'm sure i echo'd some phone calls, dog barks, etc over the air.

For the serial<->USB issue ... try a different USB port, too.  sometimes windows is weird....


On Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 4:57 PM, N9JCA Chris Matthews n9jca@... [070] <070@...> wrote:
Buy a Rigblaster Advantage from West Mountain
Guarantee no problems after install that's what I use on my 746 Pro
 and 718 Windows will find the drivers; go to sound in Control Panel and set
Rigblaster as default
" I am always doing that which I CANNOT do;
in order that I may LEARN how to do it "
On 07/07/2015 08:38 PM, Marcus Lieberman buckml@... [070] wrote:
Hi, folks.   I just got off the phone with West Mountain tech support.  We spent quite a bit of time trying several things, all unsuccessful.  He just sent me some software that he felt might work and he also thought my serial to USB cable might be defective. (the best customer support I have experienced in quite a while!) I will try both and let you all know.   thanks again.   73,  Marcus, KM5EH

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Have you tried putting the IC746 in VOX mode?  I have done that on mine with a Nomic and it works,


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Hello, folks. I was pretty active using PSK last year. I needed a
new computer in Jan. I made all the same connections with my NOMIC,
sound card and alternative MIC connection. I receive beautifully - any
signal on the waterfall, BUT, I cannot get my rig (IC 746pro) to
TRANSMIT! I tried to open every com port (one at a time), checked
connections, etc. I'm stumped. Any ideas, anyone? I'd sure appreciate
it. thanks, Marcus, KM5EH (070-714)

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