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John Etling

I do not recall calling anyone stupid. I said your pictures were not accessible to me since I refuse to use facebook. I also do not recall stating anyone was stupid for using facebook, however I did chose to note I will not use it and wondered why everyone thinks that is the only way to communicate. If you chose to us facebook then feel free to do so. I did not insinuate nor imply anyone was stupid or whatever just because they use that service. I straight out said I would not use it and personally I feel society feels using facebook or twitter et  al  is the only “sociably” acceptable way to communicate with other human beings. I strongly and fervently disagree and to punish a person because they will not use a “social network” is unfair.


Look at radio stations for one small example; “like” or “follow” them for exclusive offers or the only way to enter a contest or whatever blah blah blah. It is ridiculous! Get breaking news ONLY on twitter/facebook. Really!!!???


73 de K3JAE

John 070-1820


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Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion,  but calling someone else stupid just because they don't have the same opinion as you probably isn't going to help you win friends and influence people. 

If you would like to see my field day pictures,  just ask.  Nicely.  If not,  that's OK too.  But I am quite certain that I am not stupid just because I use Facebook and understand its privacy settings.

Peace, brother.

de AJ4TF

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