W3KM General Logger


A while ago AG4CZ posted a note about a contest logger written by W3KM
that supported among other things, the 070 Club Three Day Weekend would you
believe! I have been playing around with the program a bit and altho I have
never used a computer logger other than ye olde Digipan, Joe Mascaro's
program looks like it will do just about everything except give the xyl a
"yes dear" at predetermined intervals whilst you are slugging it out in the
pileups hi! For anyone who is interested in trying out this program, you can
download it at < http://www.qsl.net/w3km/gen_log.htm > ...If you are already
have W3KM's General Logger, I would appreciate your thoughts on it,
especially as it pertains to the TDW...Jay N3DQU.

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