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Paul Milward <nu4c@...>

Hi guys
I had an enjoyable FD. Participated at N4DAB DaytonBeach PD/EOC. I hope some of you got us in your log. I will upload to the 070 log checker.

I returned home about 9pm local and operated PSK31 only1D for about 4 (non consecutive) hours. I am grateful for the. 41 contacts in my log. I will let the 070 log checker figure out my "new" ones.
Paul NU4C

"n6mg@... [070]" <070@...> wrote:



I've seen many Field Day participation reports here on the Yahoo reflector. That's great!

If you participated in any way, with your call...a club call...a call at a neighbor's

qth, etc etc, please let me know? If you didn't operate, but participated in the overall logistics, etc ?, Please let me know. I'm thinking that should count also.

This is the head count used for printing the Field Day Atta 'boys.

It's interesting to see the short write up's on participation.

73 de N6MG - 1D - LAX


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070 Club - Director of Public Relations

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