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Milt — I use PSK Express SE by N7YG (free program) — It has the option to update datafilee for 10-10/VP/070/EPC/30MDG/DMC databases and has all that info within the .cfg files.  Now when I enter a calling the call field it autofills all the appropriate member club numbers in their appropriate fields on the GUI - There is also a separate little screen I have off to the side that give me previous contacts of that station with date/time/band/mode etc.  Very neat little program.  It does not do JT65 though but most all the basic digital modes.

I play with fldigi on my Mac side sometimes like I was doing earlier.  I just don’t like it because I have no way of knowing if anyone has any of those numbers plus I’m not sure if there is a special field I can put those number in to for future use other than the comments field.  So, that keeps me from using that program on a regular basis.

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One of the things that I really enjoy about the 070 Club is LONP. The KJ4IZW Award checking software makes it very easy to keep up with what you've worked.

But, that only addresses 1/2 of the situation. The other half is of course, recognizing a call sign as a station that is an 070 Club member and then, have you worked them before?

I use MixW, and it's worked out very good. I download, from the KJ4IZW Ham Club Membership list, the up to date "icon.cfg" file and up to date file of member icons. These go in the appropriate folders within the main MixW program folder.

When I click on a trace and that station identifies themselves, I get a pop-up icon that gives me their 070 number and 1st name. By clicking on the call sign, MixW tells me if I've ever worked them and the date, time, band and if it's a confirmed contact.

It sounds kind of complicated, but it's a whole lot simpler than trying to keep up with manual lists, spreadsheets and gray matter memory.

I just thought I'd throw that out there and see what other folks use to keep up with their LONP.




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