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donation is in your mailbox – Eagerly await the stickers.


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All you new guys out there, in particular, should check this out.



We've got a chance to get another 12-14 sets of our very popular window decals in the next 10 days before this ship has sailed on to a new port! It will be at least 2 years before we revisit this offer!


The first dozen or so "I want some" donations through PayPal will get them, or until I'm told that no more are available.  Any donations made beyond these will be promptly refunded.


Please note, only the $20 option (the 070/HAM decals and a FULL SHEET of CUSTOMIZED decals!) is available for this last minute opportunity.


Here's the original email that went out:


We're wrapping up our "orders" for our 070 Club Window Decals!  You can see more about them on our website:  These are the same basic decals as the common white/black decals that you see on vehicles representing vacation destinations, marathon runs, Scout events, etc.


First, though, a big THANK YOU to all who have donated to the club over the years!  Your donations have kept the club afloat.


The great news is that we're growing by leaps and bounds. We're picking up a new member basically every day on average. We currently have 1963 members!  Please invite all your PSK friends to come join us! 


As you all know, the club operates without dues or membership fees. Everything we offer is free to the members. We want that to NEVER change! As such, we must periodically request donations and raise funds through other means. We sometimes get unsolicited donations and those are much appreciated as well. 


This time we're trying something different. We're asking for donations (at different "levels") and providing oval decals to those that donate.  They are 3.25" x 4.25" on weatherproof white polyester film. You can see samples of the decals below. For anybody that cannot see them as inline images in this email, please let me know and I'll forward them directly to you.


All donating members will receive a fund raiser sticker for their certificates, regardless of the level you choose.


For a $10 donation, you will receive the 070 and HAM decals.



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For $20 or more, you'll receive the two decals above, as well as the four decals below, PERSONALIZED with your CALL and QTH, for a total of SIX decals! The PERSONALIZED decals can be printed in color!  That's ONE color for all four decals as they are produced as a sheet. We can choose from BLACK, BLUEREDGREEN, ORANGEor PURPLE.




Donations over $20 are certainly welcome! You can receive additional sheets of PERSONALIZED decals by donating in increments of $10 above the $20 level, i.e. $30 gets 2 personalized sheets, $40 gets 3, etc... Yes, each personalized sheet can have different call sign/QTH information on it, and can be in different colors than the other sheets. Tell your friends about it and pool your money, ordering all the decal sheets that you'd like with this awesome deal!


Please "place your orders" by using the DONATE button at Please include your callsign, member # and color preference in the comments section of the PayPal transaction. If you'd like to 'tweak' the customized large decal text, let me know via email - kk4cps@...  Slight variations can be accommodated, i.e. "CQ" in place of "QRZ" and that sort of thing.  If you have any other questions, requests or concerns, just drop me an email.


We will ship these to your QRZ address!  PLEASE make sure your QRZ address is up to date as that is what we use for all mailing purposes here at the 070 Club.


Y'all come on and kick in hard for the club, now - it's a great cause and you get some really cool decals to boot!




Matt King

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PODXS 070 Club Executive Director



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