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Robert,myou'll have a great time as long as the band cooperates! Not sure how others may do it but I have a "Start Qso" macro which just sends: your call de my call and that's it so I can just start typing away to my hearts content!

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Thank you Jerry, 
     Yea, I have done a lot of surf'n and reading on both 070 and 10-10 and a bunch of others... those 2 groups sounded like the ones I would like.  I'm in 070 :) Thank You :) hehehehe...  and will work on the 10-10 this weekend.  Just didn't want to jump in the lake and not know how to swim so to speak, so taking it kinda slow, one step at a time.. 

     And man they already wanting me to learn JT65, Olivia, and a few others, they keep telling me not to limit myself to one mode .... Heck I just learned PSK....  Think I will stick with it a few months before sticking the toe back in the water to see what bites.... and the macros they said i would need.... i have them but most of the time I find it now easier to just go without them :) I like to ragchew I guess you would say and macros can't do the job :)  (you can probably tell that by my messages here, and one of the first 070 awards I qualified for was the ragchewers) 
     Thanks again for the info, and understanding with us new folk... Doesn't help us when you have those who would rather get the numbers and move on than to slow down and enjoy the hobby and help others... I again THANK YOU FOR THAT.  
     I've seen your call out there lots of times lately :)  Just never catch you cq'ing... you always busy chatting away ... heheheh... I'll catch ya sooner or later..
     OK, off the mic now.... 
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To be a member of 10-10  you need to work 10    10-10 members on 10 meters. I've seen some giving 10-10 numbers on other bands  (a no-no !).  It's really easy to work the 10 members during their QSO Parties when 10 meters cooperates.

You need to get the members name, state, and 10-10 number. For example, I you work me on 10 meters, you can get 2 numbers because I also have a club station.

Please ignore the station on 28425 because although he may give out a 10-10 # he is not a member.  He was removed from membership in 2013 for his bad operating habits.  When his number appears on an application that application is rejected.  Sorry.

However,  10-10 numbers have been issued from 1 up to the current 70,000 +  . The is a quarterly magazine for paid up members and there is an excellent web site  (  which is available to all with lots of info on 10-10 events, chapters, beacons, and so on.

I've been a member since around 1986 and have made lots of friends over the years as well as having a lot of fun.  Participated in several contests and earned some awards. Most of all I think it's unique that we'll often stop during a QSO Party to just chat like old friends.

10-10 International was started in CA in the 1960's as a casual group that would meet on 10 meters.  Along the line they started issuing member numbers and it grew from there.  There are daily (except Sunday) nets on 28.380 and 28.800 as well as chapter nets weekly (schedule is on web site).

There is a lot more to 10-10, but you'll have to investigate for yourself.

Jerry  N9AVY
Secretary , 10-10 International
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Hello all, have another newbie question for ya.
As most of you know, I'm still new to all this digital stuff, and loving it so far... Was talking to a 070 club member on the waterfall a few weeks ago and he mentioned that I should join a couple clubs like 070 or 10-10 and a few others he mentioned, talk to the members, ask questions, learn the ropes so to speak, etc... ok, So I looked into 070 and meet the requirements and joined... now, I thought about 10-10... which leads me to my question..
Their requirements ask for you to list 10 members of 10-10 that you have contacted.. wow, and how do we do that without going back one by one in my log and looking to see if they might be a member and on what site would I look for such info.. I can honestly say I have never to my knowledge talked to anyone who mentioned their 10-10 number, or I didn't recognize it.  I have seen in the posts here on Yahoo, on the signature line a few have mentioned their number but that's it.  Is there a program to run? Someplace to upload your log and it will check?  Just curious, sounds like a fun group to me so far..  OR should I look for some other group..
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