Re: K0ACP/P operation in ND

Bill Williams

My log automatically filled in MI (sorry about the VA, bad memory) and all contacts were submitted to LOTW the night after TDW.  Now it is wrong and his location should be ND.


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Bill -


I'm confused here. All you can control is where your station was, and as others have pointed out, you do that by establishing station locations in the TQSL program. Your LoTW confirmations to me state that you were in Florida, Hillsborough county, grid EL87sv. Are you saying that you (AG4QX) were not there at the time? If so, then the previous discussions are your starting point.


If your message was related to Art (K0ACP) and his operation from ND, then the answer is that you can't control what Art sets up as his station location. Your log can note that he was in ND, or MI, or wherever, but what really defines it for LoTW purposes is what station location he identified when he uploaded it.


And I'm also confused about the reference to Virginia, as neither you nor Art are in that state (unless I missed some portable operation or QTH relocation).




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Can anyone tell me how to change my LOTW from VA to ND>  Can I just resubmit the same contact and correct the one that is there  or is there some procedure to go through?


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Folks this past weekend, I operated the TDW from

Washburn, ND in Maclean county.  The QTH I operated 
from was on the border of two grid squares: DN97lg 
and DN97kg.

Once I figure out how to log and upload to LOTW both
will be uploaded, likely over the weekend.


070# 1140
LONP # 164

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