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Bill Garwood

Hey y'all,
15 meters has not been very good here on the east coast.  I've not worked any JAs in months with a total of 5 for the year so far.  Don't think I'll get the 2015 JA endorsement unless something big happens.  By this time last year, I had 20+ JA QSOs in the log. 
One good thing on 15 happened this week.  I worked an all time new one (ATNO)...EX2G, Victor in Kyrgyzstan just after sunrise.  That gives me 161 worked on PSK31 in two years with a lot of seat time in the shack.  Carolina Windom ocf and TS-590. 
Enjoyed the TDW and look forward to more of our fun contests.
Happy Radio!
Bill N4GBK #1688 in the North Carolina swamplands

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Yip, Mia Culpa...My fault. The SFI can be rather pedantic. Especially the more we soak it up.

Sometimes I’d rather just not understand everything I know about something.



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JA's showing on 15 now. First time I have seen 15 active in my afternoons for almost a month.


SFI still 95 but I'm blaming that on Milt. Ever since he turned us on to that article on solar indices, I've become obsessed.!!! but I'm gonna blame Milt anyway


73, Ted



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